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Prayer Mountain USA


If you want to know more about Prayer Mountains or to

Schedule a Fasting Prayer Retreat please contact:

Reverend Betty (Green) Suddreth



After the Korean War the South Korean Christians had nothing. Ja-shil Choi the Mother in Law of David Yonggi Cho went to a Mountain in Jori-myeon, Paju to pray for God to send money and to build their church; 'The Yoido Full Gospel Church' and 500 women joined her.

They fasted and prayed for 3 months. God sent the money plus One million were saved! They were deeply moved because the women saw God move to the extent that He even protected South Korea from North Korea!

The Yoido Full Gospel Church was Co-Founded by Pastor David Yonggi Cho and his Mother-in-law, Dr. Ja-shil Choi who were both Assemblies of God Pastors.

On May 15, 1958, a worship service was held in the home of Ja-shil Choi. Apart from the two pastors, the only others present were Ja-shil Choi's one daughter (who later married David Yonggi Cho) and two sons One who is Dr. Kim and his brother now pastor in Seoul, Korea, and one elderly woman, who had come in to escape from the rain.

The Two Pastors began a vigorous campaign of knocking on doors, providing spiritual and humanitarian help to the poor, and praying for the sick. Within months, the church had grown to fifty members, too many to accommodate in Ja-Shil Choi's living room.

Worship services were accordingly moved to a old Army Tent tent pitched in her backyard. As the church continued to grow over the following months and years, the church outgrew one tent after another.

Most recently as of 2007, The Church membership was: 830,000, with Seven Sunday Services translated into 16 languages. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Prayer Mountain, or more specifically;

The Osanri Ja shil Choi Prayer and Fasting Mountain Facility’ is a Christian retreat in South Korea, operated by the Yoido Full Gospel Church, Korea's Largest Church. It's located in Jori-myeon, Paju, in northern Gyeonggi province near the Demilitarized Zone. It has facilities for 10,000 people.

People were healed of cancer and deadly diseases to the extent that many of the men gave finances to build ‘Prayer Mountain’ so they would have shelters for all the women who were going there to pray. The church increased, the families prospered, the country prospered, and the people were taught the word of God!

After President Reagan was Shot, he had heard of the Powerful Prayer Success of Prayer Mountain in Korea and Invited Dr. Choi along with all prayer leaders of our Country including a representative of the 700 club to have a Special Meeting with Him at the White House.

See president Reagan’sRadio Address to the Nation on Prayer in Schools dated; February 25, 1984 Read more at the American Presidency Project: Ronald Reagan: Radio Address to the Nation on Prayer in Schools 

After the meeting Dr. Choi was lost in the airport returning to Korea. Dr. Cho insisted she needed an American woman to travel with her as she wasn't fluent in English. So Dr. Choi went back to Prayer Mountain and got 60 Thousand Women to pray with her that God would send an American woman to travel with her.

God supernaturally sent Betty to Korea to Dr Cho's Church to attend a large conference. Upon meeting Betty Dr. Cho asked her to speak at his Church . Betty declined and told him she’d rather go to Prayer Mountain and fast and pray for the USA! So Dr. Cho sent Betty to Prayer Mountain.

Betty entered one of the ‘Prayer Cells’ and after praying a while, a man approached her and told her Dr. Choi wanted to see her!

Dr. Choi said when she walked into her room the Lord spoke to her and said: This is the Woman you have been praying for! I sent her!

Betty asked Dr. Choi to come back to the USA and help her to establish a Prayer Mountain. Dr. Choi agreed and they traveled together for 10 years building Prayer Mountains, speaking and holding Fasting Retreats.

Prayer Mountain Retreat Bulletin of Full Gospel International Fasting Prayer Mountain Camp with

Photo of Dr. Ja-shil Choi and Map of Prayer Mountain

in Romoland California

Reverend Betty Green (Center Photo) as

Prayer Mountain U.S.A. Coordinator

In Dr. Choi’s last year God had told her she was to lay her mantle on Betty, as she was getting too old to do all the traveling. The White House Prayer Coordinator invited all Prayer Groups to come to white house for a conference for Dr. Choi to lay her mantle on Betty!

All Christian TV stations were there including the 700 club. Prayers were prayed for the USA. Then Betty introduced Dr. Choi Dr. Choi told them Betty was her adopted USA daughter, she had lost her biological daughter, and God gave Betty to her.

Dr Choi shared that she had trained Betty to fast and pray, and minister with the laying on of hands, and that they founded Prayer Mt.’s and Churches together.

A man delivered a Prophetic Word that Betty was the woman God chose to carry on Dr. Choi’s Ministries in the USA. Dr. Choi declared Betty was the President of Prayer USA so Betty Incorporated Prayer Mountain USA in 1984.

Dr. Choi went home to be with the Lord shortly after that in Los Angeles California.

Since that time Betty has been traveling and Establishing Prayer Mountains and Holding Fasting Prayer Retreats and starting Churches, Bible Schools and conducting Prayer Conferences.

Betty has available her Study Guide on;Prayer and Spiritual Warfare. She’s written 22 manuals so all can learn how to pray and receive answers to their prayers.

We have a Prayer Mountain in

Romoland California on 150 acres,

Full Gospel Fasting Prayer Mountain Camp and Prayer

Mountain Church at;

30250 Gunther Rd,

Romoland, California 92585-9758.

Phone (951) 928-4415

And others in Texas, Louisiana, New York, and Ohio but Pastor Betty’s Vision is to establish a 'Prayer Mountain Facility' in North Carolina because of what she saw accomplished in South Korea! Land; Meeting Halls; Dorms and Prayer Cells are needed for Staff and attendees for Worship and Training.

In a Prayer Mountain Church, Prayer goes up to heaven 24 hrs a day, keeping the Spiritual Windows open to God over the state, all the time, and keeping Satan in check!

Thank you for taking a sincere interest in the preaching, teaching and soul-winning ministry of Prayer Mountain USA.

If you have a prayer request do not hesitate to contact us. If you are facing a special challenge or situation or wanting answers from Heaven, send your prayer request on our 'Contact Us' page, we will pray and wage war on your behalf.

We believe this is the most valuable way we can minister to you.

Thank you for your continuing to stand with us in any way that the Lord enables you.

God bless you.

If you want to know more about Prayer Mountains or to

Schedule a Fasting Prayer Retreat please contact Betty


Pastor Betty Suddreth (Green)

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